Ray worked with B-2-B and Consumer clients throughout the world ... including USA, Canada, Mexico, Asia, the South Pacific, Europe, the Middle-East, Central & South America, Africa.

This website is a compilation of Ray's 10 years on the Web.

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Quotations with Direction

"Questions are never indiscreet; answers sometimes are."

Oscar Wilde

"What you discover on your own is always more exciting than what someone else discovers for you."

Terrence Rafferty in GQ

"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible."

Arthur C. Clarke

"I've often had to eat my words, but found them mostly to be a wholesome diet."

Winston Churchill

"Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong."

Peter T. McIntyre

"We didn't really talk about being innovative, creative or inventive. It was a given."

Brian Muirhead, Project Manager, Pathfinder Mission to Mars

"Nothing levels a playing field like a better idea."

Stanley I. Mason, Jr. in The Freeman

"We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without producing it."

George Bernard Shaw

"How could you possibly live your life looking at a door and not open it?"

Robert D. Ballard

"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be."

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

"Problems don't go away by themselves, but opportunities do."

Ralph Marston, from his daily motivator e-letter

"Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; argument an exchange of ignorance."

Robert Quillen

"Random creativity won't cut it. You should reach for innovative ideas, but make sure they measurably improve the odds for overall success."

Price Pritchett in The Mars Pathfinder

"Your competitive edge is you!"

Dr. Roger Fritz, President, Organization Development Consultants

"Over the years we've changed the world just enough to make it radically different, but not enough to make it work."

Anna Quindlen

"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

George Santayana

"Any business arrangement that is not profitable to the other fellow will in the end prove unprofitable to you."

B. C. Forbes

"Wise sayings often fall on barren ground, but a kind word is never thrown away."

Arthur Helps

"When someone says 'That's a good question,' the question is sure to be better than the answer you're going to get."

Jim L. Morrill

"There's an intrinsic value in doing something without being the best at it."

Susan Gephardt in The Washington Post

Quotations INDEX

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