Ray worked with B-2-B and Consumer clients throughout the world ... including USA, Canada, Mexico, Asia, the South Pacific, Europe, the Middle-East, Central & South America, Africa.

This website is a compilation of Ray's 10 years on the Web.


Power Direct Marketing Article Archive

You will find scores of articles in this section.

You may use any of these in your company newsletter, association publication, magazine, or newspaper. If you're writing a book, feel free to use them there, too. Even on your Web site.

All I ask is you do so with my byline and appropriate credit at the top, and complete contact information (as at the bottom of this page) at the end.

And it would be nice to receive a tear sheet or electronic copy, too.


Letter Openings

P. P. P. P. P. P. P. P. & P.

This Vet Has More Going Than a Dog's Life

The Greatest Brownies in all of Fairyland

You Can Sell by Mail: Cosmetics, Witchcraft, and Sex!

Direct Marketing in the 3rd World

Realistic Marketing

How to Get All Excited About Insurance

People Do Not Like To Be Sold, But They Sure Do Like To Buy!

Things Are Hoppin Down Under!

All Is Well Just South of Miami

Budgeting for Profits

The Bumps of Direct Mail

Doing it Differently in Colombia

The Creative Planning Process Road Map

Hog Wild Marketing

How to Write a Better Direct Mail Letter

There Are No Failures ... Only Lessons

What IS a Loyalty Program? (1)

What IS a Loyalty Program? (2)

What IS a Loyalty Program? (3)

What IS a Loyalty Program? (4)

Healthy Profits from Selling Health

The Oaks Wine Club

Database and Privacy ... An Oxymoron for Direct Marketing

Let's Get Organized!

All About Post Scripts and Post-Post Scripts

A Taste of Salmon Also see The Salmon is A Bear (an update)

Ring, Ring ... Ticket, Please!

I'll Drink to That! Too Many T-Shirts!


A Marketing Rumble in a Far Away Jungle

Just Imagine!

Marketing Can Help You Produce More Business

6 Ideas to Make Your Retail Database Work

Life IS! a Bowl of Colorful Beads

Direct Marketing -- Truth in Numbers

Does Your Headline Sell?

B-to-B Database in Brasil ... a 14-year Case

Direct Mail -- Truth with Words

22 Begged, Borrowed, Stolen & Even a Few Original Direct Response Seminar Ideas!

22 Questions Toward More POWERFUL Creative

Rolling the Dice for Direct Mail

Two 4-letter Words

40 - 40 - 20 or 60 - 30 - 10?

Buyers "Down Under" Love Sweepstakes

Charity Direct Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing is Hot in the Desert

Direct Marketing is NOT the Adult Phrase for Direct Mail

Massive Mailings to Support Sales

Mastering the Production Challenge

Use Creative to Maximize Your Message

Teaching Role For Go-ahead Post Offices

Quality and Service in the '90s

Sell to the Right Audience

A Black Market with Big Prizes

Setting Objectives

Don't Sneeze at this Great Japanese Idea

To Test or Not to Test?

Mastering the Production Challenge

Lead-Generation Planning (Part1)

Lead-Generation Planning (Part2)

Two-Gether Marketing ... with Attitude

Contractors 2000 -- How to Win and Lose at the Same Time

The Exhibit Hall Mail Box Story

To Open or Not to Open

Winning in the Knowledge Era

Turn Suspects into Advocates

33 Secrets for Successful Telemarketing

ChaNge is Out ... ChaRge is IN!

33 Questions for Telemarketing Success

New Business from Old

Simple Lessons in Targeting Reap Rich Rewards

40 - 30 - 20 - 10 - Blast Off!

Direct Mail Helps a Marketer Sink His Teeth into the Dental Market

Big Response from Jakarta Moviegoers

They Wrote Me a Letter

Mail-order Bears

Nine Reasons to Repeat Your Message

Intensive Caring for a Toll-free Business

Telemarketing Can Be Profitable When It's Done Right

Let's Go All the Way Back to Basics

Advertising Specialties and Premiums

Think OutRageous ... Do ReMarkable with The Magic of E

Business Donates to Help Children ... in Mexico

Response Radio in New Zealand

Direct mail for Toronto

ChaNge is out -- ChaRge is in

Beware the Whiz Kid

7 Siblings of Marketing

Scrap the Hard Sell

Direct Mail Marketing in the coming decade

The Salmon is A Bear (an update)

WWII & The Red, White & Blue

In What Tongue Do You Speak?

Twistable, Stickable, Buildable, Playable WHAT?

Airplanes, Satellites & "Space"

Sex Sells: The Xandria Gold Collection

Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing, and the The DMA in New Orleans

The "Clean" Sex Site

Holiday in Louisiana

Do we have too much time on our hands?

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