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Power Direct Marketing: The Book

Chapter 10 — The End:
Planning is Everything, The Plan is Nothing

In the summer of 1772 a young man wrote Benjamin Franklin seeking some executive and management advice. Franklin replied: "I cannot advise you what to determine, but if you please I will tell you how."

POWER DIRECT MARKETING works through The 8ight Point Market Action Plan. And The 8ight Point Plan is a "how" work tool. It is not designed to tell you what to do. In fact, some of you may feel you would be more comfortable with some specific "do this" and "don’t do that" statements.

Direct response marketing doesn’t lend itself, as a marketing discipline, to such rash, bold, black and white proclamations. Direct response is an art—it is not a science. Yes, there are "rules," if you care to call them such. In reality what we have is a set of experiences, built over time, that at best turn into guidelines. More accurately stated they should simply be called IDEAS.

Whether they are rules or guidelines or ideas, they don’t always work. Nothing always works! Even the best marketing planning isn’t always going to do for you what you need most.

Planning is one of the basic functions of management. Direct marketing planning is a basic function of marketing management. If you elect to be informal with your planning, or more formal with a structure, either way you are taking a step with your company’s future. You are getting ready for the marketplace.

Dick Dixon said it very well: ". . . planning simply means targeting your efforts on the future of your business." Harry Lorayne says it another way: "Most problems precisely defined are already partially solved." Planning IS everything!

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