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Power Direct Marketing: The Book

Hindsight Is an Exact Science

Analysis is the eighth point of The 8ight Point Market Action Plan. It wraps up the program. It comes at the end. It closes the loop. It brings you back to the beginning so you can start again.

And even though it is last, it must be considered as you are developing your objectives, setting your budget and timetable, defining your audience, deciding your offer, and preparing the creative. Because if you don’t do it up front, when evaluation time rolls around you won’t be ready. You won’t have made the necessary decisions on what is important. What you are going to measure. What you will analyze.

Why analyze? In summary, you analyze the results of your direct response campaign to find out these things:

  • Was this campaign, was this program justified? Did it pay? (Remembering all the time that PROFIT is not a four-letter word—you are supposed to make a profit.)
  • Should we continue with this same program exactly as is, to the same audience, with the same offer . . . or should we make some changes?
  • How can we improve on the successes we have enjoyed thus far? How can we make this campaign better?

POWER DIRECT MARKETING works in a circle. You begin with objectives and work your way through all points of The 8ight Point Plan, "ending" with Analysis/Measurement.

Which really isn’t the end at all. It is the beginning. The beginning of the next phase of your ongoing marketing campaign. By analyzing your results you learn what really happened and feed that input back in at the top. And start all over again.


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