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Power Direct Marketing: The Book

Busy, Busy, Busy

Man has been measuring things for the 1,000 lifetimes we’ve been on earth. Some sort of formal housing has been around for over 150 lifetimes. The measurement of time has been happening for 80+ lifetimes.

"Modern" communication has been available to us for less than 3 lifetimes. And we have enjoyed the speed and comfort of worldwide transportation as we know it today for less than one lifetime.

Things happen rapidly, too. Every day in the United States a new book is published every 13 minutes . . . about 110 per day. Worldwide, 24 people will be born in the 6 seconds it takes you to read this sentence.

Back to the United States. Every day 1.3 million TV dinners are eaten. The mighty retailer, Sears, talks to 2.2 million people every day. The United States Postal Service delivers over 540 million pieces of mail 6 days a week—45 million of them catalogs.

Around the globe 2 billion telephone calls are made every day—about half of them in North America. And while those calls are being made, 5 million paper clips are being twisted. All in just one day.

A balance between lifetime measurement and daily measurement is needed. Lifetime measurements are too long. Daily are too short. But measurability of results—analysis—is not only desirable and possible, it is an absolute necessity. How else can you know what is going on in your marketplace? The word is accountability. Direct marketing allows you to enjoy the benefit of knowing what happens—of measuring and analyzing.

You want the telephone to ring with orders and leads. You want business reply cards returned. You want coupons redeemed.

You want the order forms completed and mailed. You want the donations to come in. You want some direct physical action that allows for accountability. This is what direct response is all about.

Obviously, you analyze and measure what happens at the end of your program. Sure, you do "to date" counting as you are moving through the program—but the final analysis happens when the program is over.

The planning for analysis must be done early in the initial organizational stages. So when you get to the finish line, you have in place all the tools to measure, to account for what has happened. Allowing you the opportunity to count, to measure, to analyze, and to plan again for the future. For the next program.

Analysis is the last point of The 8ight Point Market Action Plan.

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