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Power Direct Marketing: The Book

In Summary

I have not attempted to recommend, suggest, or debate pros and cons on the way to do anything. Or to discuss the very detailed technology that is available to us today.

For someone like me, who has difficulty closing the ironing board or hanging a picture straight, production itself is something of a miracle. Frankly, I don't really understand how it all happens how it all comes together.

And you know what? I don't care. I do care that it happens. Within a reasonable schedule. For a fair cost. How is of no real interest.

What this attitude does say is you, like me, must have on your team—either inside your organization or out—people who do understand ad the options. Who are capable of making the best decision when it comes to an either/or choice.

People who know how to buy. Who understand paper. The envelope business. Printing in all its various formats. Who know when you can do it "down and dirty." And when it must be five stars.

People who can negotiate with brokers. Who understand what real deadlines are as opposed to those we artificially throw up from time to time. Who can first understand a budget and then work within it.

People who have or will build a stable of connections. Like those suppliers who will walk the extra mile when that is needed. Who you can rely on to do what they say, by when they say, for the agreed upon amount.

People who can talk with copywriters and art directors. Who will work with account service and marketing communications folks.

This is a big list. A strong job description. And because the assignment and responsibility is large, you need a "big" person to do it.

POWER DIRECT MARKETING includes production as one of the important elements of The 8ight Point Market Action Plan. Because production is a key step in making direct response programs work. And work wed.

Answer the questions to consider, review the creative and production checklists—and then make certain you have people on your team who can pull it all together with you.

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