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Power Direct Marketing: The Book

Chapter 7 — Creative:
It's Nice to Meet A Creative Person ...
All My Friends are Serious

The creative process is the thing that gets us excited. It is also where we have the most opinions. Where our biases and prejudices come quickly to the surface. The creative process is very subjective.

The direct response creative process cannot begin until the first 5 steps of The 8ight Point Plan are in place:

  1. You know your Objectives.
  2. A Timetable has been set to achieve these objectives.
  3. A Budget has been established to achieve your objectives within the time frame allowed.
  4. Your Audience is clearly targeted and definitely reachable.
  5. You have some idea of what your Offer should be.

Then, and ONLY then, can the creative process begin. Creative is the sixth point of The 8ight Point Market Action Plan and begins only after the first 5 are in place.

The purpose of creative is to maximize the impact of your message in order to increase the action from your marketplace. Maximize the impact—increase the action. Remembering all along that "dull" is a 4 letter word. Interesting! is what your creative must be. When it is, you are well on your way to POWER DIRECT MARKETING success.

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