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Power Direct Marketing: The Book

Multimedia Testing

Can you test direct mail versus telephone versus bill inserts? What about various combinations of these three direct response tools? And multiple contact verses a single approach? Can you test all of these things and learn anything useful? Sure you can!

Not long ago just such a test was run. A customer list was divided into 7 equal segments. The offer was the same to each; only the media and number of contacts was different. Here are the sales results:

  • telephone bill insert only
  • telemarketing contact only
  • direct mail package only
  • insert and telemarketing
  • insert and direct mail
  • direct mail and telemarketing
  • all 3: insert, direct mail, and telemarketing call

Please do not dwell on the specific response rates. They are not important. They are only numbers. What IS important is the fact that several tools, working together, over a period of time, directed to the same audience with the same offer, worked. With dramatic increases in results!

This test clearly shows the power of direct response. Particularly the integration of several tools used in harmony over a period of time, all toward the same goal.

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