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The Test Matrix

Let’s first talk about what you CANNOT test. You cannot test a "blue circle", a "yellow square", and a "green triangle":

pdm152.gif (3993 bytes)

Why? Because if the blue circle wins, what wins? Blue, or the circle? You don’t know—so your test is invalid.

You can test blue against green against yellow. Or you could test triangles against circles against rectangles. Either would teach you something. But the combination of a green triangle versus a blue circle versus a yellow rectangle will not work.

Testing 2 or more totally and completely different creative approaches, offers, lists, and/or other things will help you learn what will sell best.

Following is an example of how you can test 2 direct mail packages—an offer with and without a premium, and 2 prices—all at the same time. And know the results following the test.

pdm153.gif (7115 bytes)

This matrix allows you to determine which direct mail package, the classy and upscale, fancy version or the more basic package gains you the most response. Or the most response on investment.

You can also decide if offering the premium increases your response with quality or only numbers. And if it was worth the extra cost.

Finally, you can decide which of 2 prices works best toward getting your objectives fulfilled.

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