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The Cluster Principle

People with similar demographics and psychographic profiles tend to cluster in the same geographic areas. "Birds of a feather flock together."

Companies do the same. Most stockbrokerage houses are in the same part of town. There is a "restaurant row" in most cities. Some communities have the "automobile mile" where all the auto dealers cluster. The financial community does likewise—the banks and savings and loans.

Major cities have large ethnic communities where people from a similar culture live together. The same happens with religion. Churches and temples go up in a community where people of the same faith need such a service. This does not happen by chance; it is planned.

There are collections of just about everything. This is an important fact to know when you go looking for that right audience to reach with your message. It helps you find and identify and reach specific audiences by being able to capitalize on the Cluster Principle.

In business, using SIC codes, carefully combed to select the demographics, geographics, and even psychographics that are available, will help you select "mom and pop" shops versus Fortune 500 companies.

By applying the cluster approach within a geographic region, you can also select the right audience. All of a certain set of characteristics in the 11 Western states, or the Northeast, or south of I-10 in southern California, or adjacent to the Snake River in Idaho.

Friend Jock Falkson notes that, interestingly enough, for many mail-order marketers and those in fund-raising, the Cluster Principle is not applicable. Particularly for consumer mail-order companies, who frequently find their audience widely scattered.

Although the individuals have similar characteristics, they are not necessarily clustered in close or even similar geography. They are a small part of the total populace and they are everywhere. They do not always cluster.

For lead-generation programs the Cluster Principle can work. For traffic-building programs it is almost a mandatory theory. When you can select your prospects within any or all of a set of parameters that are similar, it will help you get your message to the right audience.

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