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Interested Prospects: Response Lists

Response lists are the second major category. Response lists are those people who have responded to your marketing/advertising/public relations programs, or to someone else’s.

This group has expressed some interest in your product/service or one that is similar or compatible to yours. You know something about these people. They are willing to be "found." They want information, are interested in a buying decision. They bought by mail order. Or they did something that lets you know they are a prime prospect.

This group has done something to be identified as interested in what you are offering:

  • They’ve clipped a coupon.
  • They’ve called an 800 number.
  • They mailed back the business reply card.
  • They sent in the questionnaire.
  • They walked into your store with your mailer or ad in their hand.

Which indicates they’ve seen and read your newspaper or magazine ad or your direct mail piece. And they have responded—they are taking action. They are doing something.

The best of the response lists are those that, in addition to expressing interest and asking for more information, did take the next step and placed an order. By this positive move they told you they were responsive—maybe mail-order responsive—certainly responsive. They said they could be motivated by receiving a direct response message.

If you can talk with the people who are interested in what you are offering, be it through your field sales force, through a network of dealers or distributors, totally by telemarketing, by the use of a mail-order catalog, with a demonstration, or however—it doesn’t matter—you are likely to gain a sale.

Response lists are more likely to gain you "interested" people to talk to and sell.

How do you find response lists? And what is important about your selection of the right ones? Here are four key points in response list selection:

  1. They bought a product similar to yours from a competitor.
  2. The product or service was priced close to yours.
  3. They made a buying decision recently in a category close to yours.
  4. They paid for it the same way you like to be paid.

These factors are especially important if you sell to consumers, but the same ideas are applicable to business. If possible, it would be nice to know the answers to each of these questions before you select the audience you are going to test.

Where do you find response lists? Here is a partial list of possibilities:

  • Mail-order buyers
  • Inquiry lists
  • Subscription lists
  • Bingo card responses
  • Lead generation programs—using direct mail, print, broadcast, PR, trade show attendees
  • Sweepstakes and contest entries

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