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Power Direct Marketing: The Book


The first 3 points of The 8ight Point Plan must fit together. Why? Because sound objectives, to be achieved within a reasonable and set time frame, with sufficient budget, makes for a good program. Any variation on that theme will bring less than planned results.

If your objectives are designed to fit the marketplace, but either the time frame to accomplish them or the budget allocated does not mesh, the program will fail.

Many times we set high objectives. Fine, as long as you assign both time and money to reach those high goals.

If you do not—then something has to give. You may alter the time assigned. Or the budget. Or even lower your expectations. Possibly some of all three.

Rarely do we wish to reduce our goals. And yet my experience has shown over and over again that when sufficient time and adequate budget are not available your objectives will not be reached. And someone will say: "We tried that once—it didn’t work."

Don’t do that to yourself. As you plan your program, include in your planning the knowledge that all the pieces go together to make the whole. Shortchanging yourself anywhere along the line will hurt.

It doesn’t matter nearly as much what your objectives are, your schedule, and your budget—it matters a whole lot that they do exist. And that they work together, they complement one another. Make sure they do. Plan it!

POWER DIRECT MARKETING begins with the first three points of The 8ight Point Market Action Plan: Objectives, Timetable, Budget. Which must fit together. Like hand in glove. Like the pieces of a puzzle. Snug. Tight. Comfortable.

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