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Power Direct Marketing: The Book

Chapter 4 — Budget:
Everything Costs More Than You Think

I can’t give you ball park figures, Al. The best I can do is ballparkish figures.
From the cartoon "Dollars and Nonsense"

POWER DIRECT MARKETING also includes that most painful arena of every program—the budget. Money. The cost of doing what we desire, want, and need to do to reach our objectives.

Advertising, public relations, and, YES, direct marketing is an investment. It is not an accounting function. It is NOT an expense! Marketing should be treated as an opportunity to expand horizons. To grow. To conquer. To do things that generate the most revenue for the least amount of cash.

Far too often we "wing" it. We use the SWAG method of setting a budget:

Scientific, Wild, Aspiring Guess

Not good. To help avoid the SWAG method, budget is the third point of The 8ight Point Plan.

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