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Power Direct Marketing: The Book

Direct Mail Lead Generation Planning and Schedule Chart

As with other charts in this section, the chart on the following pages is nothing more than a way to do something. It is offered as a method for you to plan your schedule. With the statement that before you begin doing anything, you schedule everything!

The grid below was developed for a business mailer. The program was to be a 3-part direct mail lead generation effort.

The 22 items listed and the 6-month time frame scheduled for this program to run from beginning to end are not "average" or "normal," nor mandatory. In this instance, this is what was planned. Katie Muldoon, a catalog expert, put together a similar schedule for a 48 page mail-order catalog. Her list included 54 items over a minimum of 26 weeks.

Knowing the company and levels that needed to be walked through for all approvals; understanding the sales force and their needs; knowing the objectives of the campaign and the budget allowed all influenced the program itself and how it was planned. And was pulled together.

Every area was touched. From the initial idea and concept stage; through all planning, program development, and organization; the copy and art; the telemarketing inbound and outbound; fulfillment; production and lettershop; follow-up and measurement was all included. And scheduled.

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