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Basic Reverse Production Schedule

Many mailers use what is called a reverse time schedule. Here you work backwards. You look ahead to when you need to be in the marketplace and then work back to the present—to where you are today. Then allocate your time accordingly.

A typical reverse schedule might look like this:

Project title

Delivery date to recipients Date you want people to read and act on the mailing.
Mailing date Allow extra time for the Post Office to deliver.
Assembly date All components must be at the mailer to insure efficient operation.
Printing production completion date Allow time for inspection of lists before assembly.
Artwork approval date Artwork should be ready for the printer at this time.
Artwork completion date Allow time for approvals — as many as necessary.
Finished artwork starting date Allow time for those inevitable interim changes.
Copy and layout approval date Allow enough time. If it isn't done right, everything suffers.
List order date Check with your list broker to order far enough in advance.
Copy and layout concept date Everyone should be in agreement by this time.
Starting date Allow think time for list research, planning, and testing.

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