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Power Direct Marketing: The Book

Some Direct Marketing Objectives

Here are some examples of good, specific direct marketing objectives:

  • For a nationwide sales organization—to get 2 new leads per week, each week of the current fiscal year, for each outside sales representative.
  • For a fast-food restaurant—to increase the frequency of visits and average ticket sale from their "best" customers to: from 5 to 6 visits per month, and from $3.23 per ticket to $3.65 per ticket.
  • For a fund raising organization—to increase the average donation from all donors who have previously given a minimum of $25 to an average of $35.
  • For a sales organization with an independent dealer/distributor network—to generate 2000 leads per month, of which a minimum of 500 will be highly qualified as "passionate" or "hot," thus requiring a sales rep visit and a demonstration of a new product.
  • For a mail-order company—to increase the average order frequency and average dollar amount from their best customer list from 4 times a year to 5 times, and from $37.50 per order to $45.

The first point of The 8ight Point Market Action Plan is Objectives. The foundation point for all that follows. Without soundly thought-out and planned objectives, you have no direction. You have no focus. You’ll do marketing by wandering about. You must have objectives if you’re to achieve your goals.

H.L. Hunt probably summed it up as well as anyone. He said:

Decide what you want to do, set your objectives.
Decide what you’ll give up to get those objectives.
Decide your priorities as they relate to all you want or need to do against those objectives, and
Get on about your work!

This is how POWER DIRECT MARKETING works. Begin by marketing by objectives.

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