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Power Direct Marketing: The Book

The 8ight Point Market Action Plan — anintroduction

The Marketing Plan Plan is based on a paper from the 3M Corporation, London, Ontario, Canada.

Several years ago I had an opportunity to work with 3M—Canada. As you are undoubtedly aware, 3M is one of the more innovative manufacturing organizations in the world, offering over 60,000 products. Because they are very much an entrepreneurship-type company, many of their best ideas come from their own people. I mention this because 3M deserves credit for this plan. Working with such an outstanding organization taught me a lot. Even though I firmly believe my Marketing Plan Plan is an ideal guiding document toward building a direct response marketing plan, it is too much to work with.

Why is it "too much to work with"? Because, in my experience of trying to get companies of all sizes to consider planning, the overwhelming detail of the Marketing Plan Plan appears to be too much to swallow. At least at one time. So using this original plan as a basis, I distilled information and experience to create

The 8ight Point Market Action Plan

With just 8ight "easy to remember" words, it is possible to lay the groundwork for the development and creation of an effective direct response marketing plan.

Lee Iacocca said:

We are, it seems, deeply prejudiced against planning, especially against large-scale planning or planning that looks beyond the immediate future or the short-term advantage. Economic or industrial planning has, quite falsely and simplistically, become associated in our minds with socialist systems and thus with inefficient and unresponsive bureaucracies.

The lesson we must draw from the failure of such planning is not that planning itself is bad, but that bad planning is bad. Those who feel that planning of any kind is alien to the capitalist system should consider where IBM, Honda, and a hundred other successful businesses would be today if they had not committed themselves to sound planning.

It has been my experience that any organization that does not take planning seriously does not take thinking seriously. They go together and cannot be separated. Or, as that apparently simple but profound saying puts it: "If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there." The only way we are going to cope with change and complexity is through effective planning.

Abraham Lincoln was a man who knew where he was going.

He missed no opportunity to sell voters on his candidacy for Congress in 1846, when his opponent was a circuit-riding preacher named Peter Cartwright. Once Lincoln attended a preaching service of Cartwright at which the evangelist called on all who wished to go to Heaven to stand up. Everyone rose except Lincoln.

Then the evangelist called for all to rise who did not want to go to Hell. Again, everyone rose except Lincoln. So Cartwright said, "I am grieved to see Abe Lincoln sitting back there unmoved by these appeals. If he doesn’t want to go to Heaven and doesn’t want to escape Hell, will he tell us where he does want to go?"

Lincoln got up slowly and said, "I’m going to Congress." Lincoln won the election. He knew where he was going.

The 8ight Point Market Action Plan is a formula using direct response techniques to establish, create, develop, and implement a marketing plan for any product or service. It will help you get where you’re going!

To be effective at its maximum, The 8ight Point Plan calls for a closely knit working partnership—to ensure that all areas of the marketing, sales, and advertising process are finely attuned to your overall sales objectives.

In fact, for your direct marketing program to be successful, these four things MUST happen:

Management makes a commitment.

A commitment! Not a simple statement "we’ll try this."

A commitment is necessary in order to give any new program a full opportunity to work. Did you learn to ride a bicycle the first time you got on it? Or to type the first time you sat at the machine?

Rarely do we succeed the first time we try anything new. Or achieve maximum success when we take new steps to improve what we’re already doing. A full commitment from management is necessary for your direct response program to succeed.

Marketing makes a commitment.

This is usually not a serious problem. Except where the responsibility is given to those who think that direct marketing equals direct mail; i.e., they don’t understand the discipline and are not interested in learning.

In most cases marketing has a charge to achieve—and is willing to commit to a task.

Sales makes a commitment.

This is more important than even a commitment from management. Because if all else works, but sales decides this is something they don’t care for, the program will fail.

Any "excuse" (rarely a reason) will do: "The leads are no good. I already know my territory. No one likes ‘junk mail.’ I don’t like getting calls during dinner and know my customers don’t either."

You name it and sales can find a "reason" why not. Having sold since age 12 when my dad tossed me out the door with the charge to do just that, I can relate. You probably can, too. So, early on in the planning process, get the sales team aboard with you. And,

They all work together.

Which means they have to work together from the beginning. Management. Marketing. Sales.

This is not a single meeting process. It will take a number of visits and exchanges and reviews and considerations and probably some give and take to come to the bottom line. And that is: management and marketing and sales working together, as a team.

In my experience, the programs which were the most successful have been those where a total commitment from all three groups was planned from the beginning.

The Coffee Connection, an upscale store and mail-order operation from Boston, Massachusetts; Keyword Office Technologies, a high-tech firm with headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Wells Fargo Bank of Oakland, California; MicroAge Computer Stores of Tempe, Arizona (a franchise operation with hundreds of locations); Canada Post Corporation, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; and Krames Communications, a business-to-business mail-order education company in the medical field, from San Bruno, California—they’ve all had smashingly successful direct response marketing programs. Because they got the team together early on. It works!

The 8ight Point Market Action Plan was developed to provide you with the information necessary to produce outstanding marketing programs—programs that are properly directed, highly effective, and efficient.

The 8ight Point Market Action Plan covers the areas of information essential to establish a profitable and successful program for you.

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Or, how to be an overnight sensation with POWER DIRECT MARKETING.

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