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16 More IDEAS

Good friend Glenmore Trenear-Harvey, a direct marketing pro from the United Kingdom, has prepared a list of opportunities where direct response could be the means to reach your goal. Here is a selection of those IDEAS:

  1. When you have an expensive storefront location.
  2. When you have patchy distribution.
  3. When you have a mail-order or information catalog.
  4. When you have an outside sales force, yours or through a network of any type.
  5. If you run competitions or contests of any kind.
  6. When you have a "family" of products.
  7. When you are seeking trial or sampling.
  8. When you have charge customers.
  9. When you offer a guarantee/warranty/service contract.
  10. When you have a very narrow marketplace.
  11. When repeat business is the key to your success.
  12. When you want to test anything for any reason—offer, market, new geography.
  13. If you have low-volume accounts.
  14. When you are seeking to increase your customer base.
  15. When you have large swings in sales patterns.
  16. When you want to know which half of your advertising works.

All these ideas lay the groundwork for establishing a direct response marketing program. Now you have the basis for taking the first step in the process. The think, the plan, and the organize part. The hard part!

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