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"Two-gether" Marketing

For your Admail program to be successful here's a very simple, and at the same time, very complex, 4 point program you must implement:

Point 1

Management must make a commitment to Admail. A commitment! Not a simple statement that we'll try this and see how it works. Not some half baked idea that we'll play with this during the next quarter. But a commitment.

A full commitment that over the next fiscal year we'll make Admail a major and successful part of our operation.

Point 2

Marketing makes a commitment. Equally as enthusiastically as management. This is not usually too difficult, because marketing is you and me, and that's part of our assignment.

But, marketing must have a total commitment to Admail. Not just to advertising, marketing, sales promotion, merchandising, but to Admail.

Point 3

Sales makes a commitment. This is the most difficult of all. Because most sales people know their marketplace. And they don't always have a full understanding of what marketing is trying to do. You must include sales as part of the Admail commitment early on.

Point 4

All 3 groups -- management, marketing and sales work "two-gether". Which means they have to work "two-gether" from the beginning. It's not a single meeting process. It'll take a number of exchanges, reviews and considerations. And it'll probably take some give and take. A little negotiation.

With all 3 groups -- management, marketing and sales working "two-gether" as a team, you'll be successful with your Admail program.

Try it "Two-gether".

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Magic Marketing Minutes article INDEX

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