Ray worked with B-2-B and Consumer clients throughout the world ... including USA, Canada, Mexico, Asia, the South Pacific, Europe, the Middle-East, Central & South America, Africa.

This website is a compilation of Ray's 10 years on the Web.

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How To Lead Your Prospect
To Become Your Customer

Here are a dozen ways to turn prospects into customers:

1. Tell me exactly what you want me to do. Be clear what action it is you want your prospect to take.

2. Make it easy for me to respond to your offer. Allow your prospects to respond by phone, mail or fax. By walking into your store.

3. Make me an offer I can't refuse. No matter what your business your audience is looking for a good deal. Make them a good offer.

4. Use bold graphics. Show the products; show the offer. Bold graphics make the copy more readable, more understandable and more interesting.

5. Use clear, crisp, concise and positive copy. Make certain your audience knows exactly what you want them to do.

6. Get me involved -- use action devices. Stickers. Peel-offs. Scratch'n'sniff. Perforations, Die-cuts. Tokens. Stamps. Folds. Puzzles. Rub-offs. Anything to get me involved.

7. Give me room to write. Some people are messy. Make sure the response device is big enough for your audience to fill it out clearly.

8. Include your company name, logo, address, telephone, fax -- everything about you on every piece in your Admail. So I can find you when I want you.

9. Give me a guarantee. Obviously, I expect a product guarantee. In addition I want a personal satisfaction guarantee. Give it to me.

10. Have a limited time offer. The opportunity you offer will go away by "X" date unless I respond, now.

11. Include 2 or more response devices, order cards, coupons, applications. Allow me to respond today and then again tomorrow.

and, 12. Always ask for the order! Yes, flat out ask for the order! Let your prospect know you want them to become your customer.

A dozen ways to turn your prospects into your customers.

Magic Marketing Minutes article INDEX

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