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Add Some Splash To Your Admail

Sometimes in your Admail you need to make one large "splash".

You need to grab your audience's attention quickly. You have something dramatic to say. It's important. It's urgent. You know they will be interested ... and you must make one large "splash" to get their attention.

Here are a few ideas which you might wish to consider when you need to make a "splash":

Combine all the printing techniques you can imagine into one mail package ... such as personalization, rub-off, scratch-and-sniff, embossing, a stamp sheet, or anything else you can dream up.
Design your mail so it gets delivered in a paper sack, or a burlap bag, a tube, a box, a puffy envelope or anything "lumpy".
Have you ever received a three dimensional package you didn't open? Of course not! Guess what? Your audience is just as curious as you. Send them something 3D and they are guaranteed to open it.
Use an envelope that "falls apart". When they pick it up and touch it and start to open it, the whole thing just falls apart. It has perforations and die-cuts and windows -- it has printing on the inside of the envelope -- and the whole package falls apart in your prospects hand.
Run a short-time sweepstakes, contest or other involvement game. Something that only has a short life. That makes it urgent that a response is received almost immediately.

When you carefully select your audience, have a good offer, have a timely message, present benefits that your marketplace is interested in, and write all of this in an interesting to understand way ... you are well on your way to a successful Admail package. The graphics can make it that much better.


Magic Marketing Minutes article INDEX

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