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Add Some "Flash" To Your Admail

Copy is "king" in Admail. Graphics make it better.

It's more or less like radio and television. The same message can be on each ... but on television with the light, and color, and movement as well as the sound, it's more interesting. Graphics make the copy more interesting.

Here are some ways to add some "flash" to your Admail:

Use live fancy commemorative stamps on your envelopes
Use exciting color -- something such as fire engine red, kelly green, canary yellow ... something bright that grabs your readers' attention the moment they see your package
Use a color glassine window to "hide" a secret message, or some other interesting element, that your audience will want to know
Affix an "official" seal to your envelope
Use both the front and the back of your envelope -- maybe with windows on both the front and back
Tape a folded note to the outside of your envelope -- use a lift letter on the outside
Use an entirely different format -- make your Admail look like a magazine or a newspaper
Use a mix of photography and illustrations on your envelope, in the letter, on the brochure

8 graphic ideas
to add some "flash" to your Admail.
Pick the ones that make the most sense to you,
and try 'em.

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