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Getting Your Reader Involved with Graphics

It's vital to get your reader involved emotionally in the benefits you're offering. If you can get your prospect physically involved in you mailing piece, you've got a big edge.

You can do this designing into your mail package an "involvement" device. Such as:

A token you peel-off the letter and stick to the reply card
A scratch and sniff area
A pop-up
Anything you have to punch out and put someplace else
A sample of the product or material you are offering to your audience
Some component that unfolds in some sort of an interesting way
A premium or advertising specialty
A rub-off spot
A printed or die-cut measuring device of some sort
A simple puzzle
A game where you connect the dots

You can get extra mileage out of your involvement device by showing it through a window. Or, at least having some teaser copy on the front or back of your envelope.

These things work because they appeal to the child in each of us. Use them. They will make your Admail more successful.

Magic Marketing Minutes article INDEX

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