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Graphics — The Basics

"I can't save this copy!"

This is a quote from an art director. If the copy isn't good to begin with, superior art, photography and illustrations, and other graphic and design elements can't save it. The copy has got to be good to begin with.

Assuming your copy is good to begin with, here are some basic graphic ideas to make it better:

Color almost always out pulls white. Two colors is better than one. And four colors is better than two.
On your reply forms, your applications and coupons, use color and graphics. Illustrations help make it more interesting.
Use upper and lower case in combination. Use very little all upper case type. Why? Because it's hard to read.
The same goes for italics. A little bit of italics is fine ... but paragraphs of it are almost impossible to read. Use it only for emphasis.
Use serif typefaces. Serif are the typefaces with the little feet. They are easier to read. Use serif type styles in your mail packages.
Avoid reverse type. Yes, I know a little bit of it is pretty. But it is almost impossible to read. So, use only a little bit of reverse.
Illustrate with people. People buy from people. Use people in your mail package.
Illustrate rectangularly. Squares. Horizontal. Vertical. Pie-- charts and circles and things round are pretty to look at ... but very difficult to read.
Use captions underneath or beside all your pictures and illustrations. Why? Because for those readers who will just look at the graphics, you must tell them what it is they are looking at.
And lastly, underline the key things you want read. Again, for the skim readers, make it easy for them to read the most important points quickly.

All of these are
graphic ways
to make your Admail package
more readable.
Try 'em.

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