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7 Times When You Might Use a Self-Mailer

When should you use a self-mailer?

A self-mailer combines a letter, a brochure, and response device into a single piece of paper.

Obviously, a self-mailer is less expensive than a full package. But just being less expensive doesn't make it more effective.

Here are 7 times when you might choose to use a self-mailer:

  1. When you're mailing to your own customers. Your own customers already know you. You're probably mailing to them on a regular basis anyway. This is one of a series of contacts with your own customers.
  2. As part of a continuity program. When it's one of a series of ongoing messages to a marketplace. This marketplace has heard from you before - they will hear from you again.
  3. When your message is very, very short. When you really don't have a whole lot to say. When it's important - but it's not detailed.
  4. When you really expect a low response rate. You have something that is very much a commodity - or something that is so unusual very few people will want it. Mailing still makes sense - but a self-mailer will make the most economic sense.
  5. When it's difficult to find the right audience. So, you don't want to waste a lot of money mailing an exclusive package to an ill-defined audience.
  6. If you have a very large volume. You're mailing hundreds of thousands or more. Economically your budget will not allow you to put together a full package. A self-mailer will work, because the numbers are big enough to make the back end work.
  7. If you have a very easy and simple offer. It's a low financial commitment, it's easy to understand.

7 ways when you
might elect to use a self-mailer
for your next Admail program.

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