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Booklets in Admail

Booklets are different than brochures. They're usually a little longer. They're "keep" pieces vs. sales pieces.

They're meant to be kept around and used as reference documents later on. They're not sales pieces ... although I'll be the first to admit that, of course, the reason you use them is to sell your product or service.

When might you consider using a booklet in your Admail? Well, the first is when you might have a long story to tell. When your message is new, complex or different.

Or when you're going into a new marketplace and you're not known by your prospective audience. And you want to take the time to do it right. To do it completely.

Another time you might use a booklet is when you want to control the entire message. When you want to make sure the message is as complete, as accurate and as thorough as it can be. As you see it.

Rather than allowing your captive sales force, or independent set of dealers or agents present you as they wish. A booklet gives you control.

A fourth time you might use a booklet is when you expect a slower response and you don't mind. Booklets slow down response -- people read them. Which is good -- because they're learning about you.

The next time you plan an Admail program,
think about how you can use a booklet!

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