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Brochures and Admail

The standard Admail package includes these elements:

An outgoing envelope
A letter
A response device of some kind
And, a brochure.

When should you include a brochure?

Brochures are needed in Admail when your sales message requires:

  1. An illustration, photography or some other graphic element to support your message.
  2. More information. You have a longer story to tell. You need time to explain your presentation. It's complex. It's new. It's different. It's unusual. It's unique. There are a series of questions that need answers ... and you may decide to include a Q&A brochure.
  3. Justification or credibility -- you need to look and sound and feel important. You need to justify your presentation. You need testimonials. Possibly a case history brochure. You may need a technical support piece. You need a brochure to complete your message to your audience.

Brochures are used to support your offer as outlined in your letter. It makes your offer more understandable.

When your sales message requires a more complete story, think about including an Admail brochure.

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