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That Important Guarantee

Have you ever bought anything you knew wasn't going to work? No, of course not! You expect whatever you buy to perform.

For the most part when you buy anything you "assume" it is guaranteed. It is guaranteed to work. The service is guaranteed to be performed and you're guaranteed to be satisfied.

The product or service is suppose to work. And if it doesn't you expect it to be repaired, replaced or refunded.

Lee Iacoca has talked about the importance of a guarantee with this statement:

"If you want to be the best, you have to separate yourself from all the talk about quality. And put it in writing."

One of the most interesting guarantees I've ever seen was on the back of a rubbish truck. It went like this:

"Satisfaction guaranteed or double your garbage back."

Now, nobody wants their garbage back but think about it a minute. Don't you think that garbage man is probably the best there is?

His attitude is "I'm going to take care of my customers". He had a sense of humor about it and probably a very large and satisfied customer base.

A guarantee is very important in Direct Response. Offer one. Or as good friend Ray Considine says: D.W.Y.P.Y.W.D. Do What You Promised You Would Do.

Guarantee your product. Guarantee your service.

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