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How Long Is Long?

There is no such thing as copy that is too long! Or too short! Copy is either interesting or uninteresting.

The writer of Genesis told the story of the creation of the World in just 442 words. The government produced a report about cabbage that totalled over 29,000 words. Some very powerful statements are very brief. And some perfectly awful writing is far, far too long.

Copy is not short and it's not long. It's either interesting or uninteresting.

Think of it yourself. What is your hobby? What do you do for fun? What do you or your family do when you go on holiday? What do you look forward to on the weekends?

Now tell me that I couldn't send you a book's worth of information on your favorite subject! Of course I could. And short or long has nothing to do with it.

On the other hand pick a subject you absolutely despise. Something you don't look forward to doing. Either at home or the office. And any amount of communication to you on that particular subject is not interesting to you. You don't look forward to it. And, you certainly aren't going to read much information about it.

Guess what? The marketplace out there is just like you and me. They look forward to getting information and knowledge about subjects they're interested in. They don't look forward to receiving anything about subjects they're not interested in.

What does all this say to you? It says, you better make certain your Admail goes to the right audience. It has a good chance of working if you send it to the right people. It has no chance of working if your message goes to the wrong audience.

And remember:
It's not short.
It's not long.
It's interesting, or it's uninteresting.

Magic Marketing Minutes article INDEX

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