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Make your copy easy to read

Unless you're writing to language teachers, don't be concerned about grammar when you're writing your Admail.

Is this too bold a statement for you? Your Admail should be a communications document. It is a dialogue. It is a message from you to your audience ... and hopefully from them back to you. It is written to be read. It is to communicate.

I'm not suggesting that grammar is a bad thing. I'm not suggesting you write like an illiterate.

I am suggesting you be conversational. That your copy be in the tone and rhythm of a personal one-on-one conversation you might have face-to-face with any member of your audience. And, I'm suggesting that grammatical technicalities should not get in the way of that communication.

Some of the things that can help you make your writing more readable are these:

Bullets and asterisks
Underlining key phrases for those who will skim your message
A few well chosen all CAPITAL words
An equally well chosen few words in italics
/Slash marks/ and (parentheses) to get some emphasis
And color, a second color most certainly -- maybe even a third

As a rule, people are not going to read your Admail to be entertained. They are going to read it to gain some information. Make it easy to read.

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