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Features and Benefits

Your reader is less interested in what your product is than in what it will do for them. People do not buy red buttons ... they buy what happens when you push red buttons!

So, fill your mail package with information about benefits.

To do that you have to know the difference between a product feature and a product benefit. And keep them separate. Here is a simple definition. First for features:

  1. A feature helps to distinguish one product from another.
  2. A feature is a characteristic of the product or the service you are selling.
  3. A feature is inherent in the product -- part of the product whether or not it is sold.

Okay, what is a benefit?

  1. A benefit ties the product feature to the customer needs. If there is no need, there will be no sale.
  2. A benefit is the good the buyer gains from your product or service. It is what the buyer gains ... not what the seller gains.
  3. A benefit cannot exist without a buyer. There must be a buyer if there is going to be a benefit.

Know the difference between a product feature and product benefit. And in your Admail talk benefits.

Magic Marketing Minutes article INDEX

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