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This website is a compilation of Ray's 10 years on the Web.

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Repetition Builds Your Reputation

Every day we are bombarded with hundreds of messages. From radio, television, newspapers, magazines, outdoor posters, over the telephone and yes, from Admail.

For this reason you must repeat your message. Here are 9 reasons why you need to repeat your message:

  1. Your target audience forgets 90% of what they hear in 2 weeks. Are they dumb? No! They forget because there's so much going on.
  2. You must promote your offer. And the reasons to do business with you. There is no reason for you to "assume" that your audience got it the first time.
  3. Your market changes constantly. Families move. People change jobs, all of which changes your marketplace.
  4. You need to test new ideas. New designs, new concepts, new offers, benefits and markets. You need to test to stay ahead of the competition.
  5. You need to reach out for new business. Unless you look for new business, you soon will be out of business.
  6. You need to talk to your customers. One of your best sources of new business is your current customers. Tell them you want to do more business with them.
  7. You need to ask for the order. Although some people may not like to be sold, they do like to buy. Let your marketplace know you want them to buy from you.
  8. You need continuity in the marketplace. You need to be seen on a regular basis.
  9. You need continuity of your sales efforts. A continuing follow-up to your audience.

9 reasons why you need to repeat your Admail message.

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