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P.S. - P.P.S.

There is no doubt - everyone agrees - the P.S. is one of the best-read parts of any letter. I don't think it is optional whether or not you will have one. You will have one!

Why? Well, from surveys done time after time it has been learned that 4 out of 5 people who open your letter will read the P.S. before they read anything else in the body of the letter. 4 out of 5! With odds like that, you've got to have a P.S.

What should be in a P.S.? Let's start off with what should not be in a P.S.

Don't start a new subject, a new thought or anything new in the P.S. Why? Because if I read the P.S. first and then look for detailed information about that particular subject elsewhere in this package and don't find it, I'm confused.

Okay, what should be in the P.S.? Your P.S. must suggest how you wish your audience to think. Or act.

It must make a recommendation to them. It must tell them what to do. It repeats your telephone number or fax number. It tells them how to fill out the reply form. It repeats a benefit. It repeats the offer. It is a repetition of information contained elsewhere in your mail package.

The P.S. is for those "skim" readers ... those readers who just glance at your package. They read the P.S.

If one is good - why not two. Seriously, why not two? Consider it. If you have two distinct and clear thoughts that need to be repeated, repeat them in a P.S. and a P.P.S.

Magic Marketing Minutes article INDEX

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