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6 Ways to Make Your Admail Personal

Frequently our Admail letters are not totally "personalized".

We don't always know the name of the person we are writing to. We are writing to a title. Or, we are writing to a large audience in which a number of different people might be our prospects.

How can we make our printed, less personalized, letter look more personal? Here are 6 ideas:

First, use an exact date. A very specific date. September 1, for example. When mailing first class, usually an exact date works.
Another idea is to use a specific day of the week. Simply put the word "Monday" on all of your mail. No date, just the day, "Monday". It works. Try it.
Next, use a personalized salutation. Dear Boating Enthusiast. Dear Kindergarten Teacher. Or similar. It lets your audience know you know a little bit about them.
Indent all of your paragraphs. Most people indent 5 spaces ... but whether it's 3, 5 or 7, indent your paragraphs. Why? Because it makes them all easier to read.
Use short paragraphs. What's short? No more than 7 lines. I did not say sentences ... I said lines. No more than 7 lines of copy per paragraph. Why? Because it's easier to read.
The fifth point is the close. Close quickly. Say what you want to say in summary and stop.
Lastly, have a P.S. Always have a P.S. Because 4 out of every 5 people who open your Admail package will read the P.S. before they read your letter. Have a P.S.

And, write personal Admail.

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