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Write Your Letter To People

People make decisions, companies don't. People are the actors in everyday life. They are the drama of the office and of the home. In every organization, in every family, in every association. People is what this business is all about.

In most cases the people you write to, if they are going to respond to your offer, will do so based on the message in your letter. 65% of your response, almost two-thirds, will be because of the copy in your letter.

So, it is very important to be very personal and to write to people.

If you know the name, obviously, use it. Make sure it's correct, it's spelled properly, it has the right title and it's presented in the manner in which your audience expects it to be presented.

If you don't know the name, use an interesting title. Such as:
Dear Tennis Nut, or
Dear Executive, or
Dear World Traveler, or
Dear Plumber or President or Clerk or Swimmer or Mother or Grandfather or Receptionist or Photographer or whatever is appropriate.

Or, To the Person in Charge of ...and then you fill in the blank. Write your letter to people!

Be friendly, personal, and kind. To people. One-on-one. The more personal your letter is, the more likely you are to enjoy success.

Magic Marketing Minutes article INDEX

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