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Eye-Flow In A Letter

How do people read your Admail? Here is what studies show:

79% of the people who open your Admail package will look at the P.S. on your letter first!
Why? Because they want to know who sent them this package. And most often the letter will give them the answer. So, they look at who signed the letter - and while they are in that part of the letter, they read the P.S. They read the P.S. first.
Then the reader looks at the company letterhead, the company logo and identification, the company address and phone number. Where did this come from ...who is sending this to me?
They next look at their name. Since they've already looked at their name on the outside of the envelope, they "assume" it is the same on the inside. But they want to confirm it. They want to confirm their name and title is correct.
Next, they read the letter by more or less skim/skipping to the middle of the page in a "Z" pattern.
If you are a copywriter and feel that your audience was reading every one of your words - I'm sorry to bust your bubble. People don't read everything we send to them. They read it in a skim/skip fashion ...back and forth towards the bottom of the page.
They then again look at the signature, who signs the letter by both name and title.
And, lastly they read the P.S., for a second time.

These are the 6 steps that most people use in reading your letter. Know this as you write it.

Magic Marketing Minutes article INDEX

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