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9 Ways to Make Your Envelopes Work Better

Some creative teams spend as much as 50% of their time on the envelope. Why? Because, if you don't get the audience past the envelope it doesn't matter what's inside!

Here are 9 ways to make your envelopes work better.

  1. Lead with your very best offer. Make it as strong as you can ... make me an offer I can't refuse.
  2. Show and tell with graphics. Graphics do get attention. People like pictures, drawings, graphs and things. Use them on your envelope.
  3. Try shock and surprise - something different. I don't mean something out of character with you and your organization. But I do mean "different". Unique. Something your marketplace doesn't expect from you. Get their attention by being different.
  4. Use people. People make buying decisions. Use pictures and drawings of people.
  5. Talk benefits. Benefits to your audience. Things they will gain by doing business with you.
  6. Begin with facts and figures and details on the envelope. Using specifics will help you gain attention. And attention is what you want when your envelope is mixed in that stack of things delivered by the mailman.
  7. Use photography. Photography is more believable than illustrations. People believe photography.
  8. Use windows on your envelope. Windows with things showing through. Anything to get attention and get your audience inside your envelope.
  9. Use the back of the envelope. Why? Because 3 of 4 people who touch your envelope will turn it over. Put something on the back.

9 ways to make your envelope work better for you.

Magic Marketing Minutes article INDEX

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