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To tease or not to tease ... that is the question. A big decision you must make is whether or not to use teaser copy on the outside of your envelope.

Teaser copy is the copy printed on the outer envelope of an Admail package. Obviously, you want your Admail to get the greatest possible response. So, will teaser copy help or hinder you in getting the response you need?

The only way to know this is to test. When you test here are some things to consider:

Your teaser copy should do one or more of these things:

Explain who you are. Explain what your offer is. Explain what the benefits will be to the prospect if they respond to your Admail.
Entertain your prospect or customer. Entertain them with something just a tick humorous. We all know that humor can back- fire. What is funny to you may not be funny to me. If you elect to entertain, know your audience.
Enhance the product or service you are offering. Many times this works best when you are upgrading or cross-selling. Or, adding value to a product or service you are selling to your current customer base.

So, explain who you are, entertain your prospect or customer, or enhance the product or service you are offering.

3 ways for you to develop good teaser copy for your Admail.

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