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Eye-flow for envelopes

Dr. Vogele of Germany has done some studies on how people look at Admail envelopes. This is what he has learned:

People first look at their name. To see if it is correctly spelled. If the initials and the title are right. If it is for them!
The second thing people look at is the teaser copy. Especially that teaser copy close to their name. And then teaser copy elsewhere on the envelope.
The third thing people do is look at who sent them this piece of mail. What person, company or organization sent me this piece of Admail. This shows how important the corner card of your Admail envelope is.
Next is the type of postage. And how it is applied. Most often live stamps get the most attention...and meter mail gets the least attention.
And the fifth thing people do is turn your envelope over. 3 out of 4 people who touch your Admail envelope will turn it over before opening it.

What does all this say? What it says is these things need to be answered on your envelope:

Is this Admail package for me?
What is it all about?
And, who is this from?

This is how most people look at an envelope for the very first time. Know this as you think about preparing your Admail envelope.

Magic Marketing Minutes article INDEX

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