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3 Times 7

This is the third in a series of three about selecting the best list for your Admail program:

  1. Always, always, ALWAYS test before you buy big. Test small ... and then test again to confirm your results. There is no magic to this...sometimes you continue testing smaller numbers before the big push. But do test.
  2. Test segments as well as the whole list. You may find some areas of pure gold within a list that overall does not work well for you.
  3. Plan enough time in your program for a thorough audience evaluation. All else can go well -- but if you send your marvelous offer to the wrong audience it will not work!
  4. Select your list by the quality you need, not the quantity you want. If it is big and wrong it is still wrong! If it is free and wrong it costs too much. If it is several dollars a name and it earns you a big profit, it could be a bargain.
  5. After you order your list, look at it. Make sure it is what you ordered. Only by looking at your list can you be sure and comfortable it is what you need.
  6. Whatever your results, share them with everyone involved. This means your creative team, your production crew, your staff, anyone and everyone who is involved with your Admail program. Share results.
  7. Test - Test - Test - frequently. Continue your search for new audiences. Mail frequently. Repetition will build your reputation. Only frequency earns continuing and on-going results.

7 ideas on how you can find the best list for your audience, your product and your offer.

Magic Marketing Minutes article INDEX

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