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2 Times 7

This is the second in a series of three lists of things you need to consider as you select your Admail mailing list.

  1. What is the universe of the list you are considering? How many names are on it? You need to know this information in the beginning.
  2. How old is the list? Is it as current as you need it to be? When was the last time it was cleaned and updated? Sometimes this is very important ... sometimes it's less important. But do know the answers to these questions.
  3. What is the duplication factor, if any, and does it really matter? In other words, how many times is the same name on the list? How is that going to affect your results -- and your cost?
  4. Can you select the list's most current responders -- sometimes called "hot-lines"? And do you care? Will it affect your response? Will it affect your offer? Usually the hot-line names, the most active and recent names, are the most accurate, and also the best responders. Know this as you test the list.
  5. What selection factors are available that are important to you? Demographics? Geographics? Psychographics? Any other selections? What is the cost of the selection you are considering and is it worth the extra cost?
  6. Are telephone numbers available so you can do a follow-up to your Admail? If so, at what additional cost? Know from the beginning if you can buy the phone number as well as the name and address.
  7. In what format is the list available? On computer tape, peel-off labels, cheshire labels? What production questions do you have that you need to get answered before making a list-buying decision?

Think on each of these points -- ask the questions -- get the answers. Then make your list selection.

Magic Marketing Minutes article INDEX

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