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The most important part of any Admail package is the list. The audience. The people you send your message to. This is the first of three consecutive Magic Marketing Minutes in which we'll talk about your audience:

  1. The list of your current customers, your house list, will always out pull any other list.
  2. A response oriented list will out pull a compiled list. A response list is a list of people you know have responded to some other offer. A compiled list is just that - compiled from a directory or some other activity. Response oriented people always out pull those from a compiled source.
  3. People over the age of 35 are more likely to be mail-order buyers. Both business and consumer.
  4. Rural areas will usually out pull urban areas. Why? Because they don't have as many retail sources...they're more likely to do much of their buying through mail and phone.
  5. Geography does matter. You will get different responses from different postal codes, different States or Provinces, different regions of the country. Geography does matter.
  6. Those who have bought multiple times in the past will be more likely to buy again in the future. Those who are very infrequent buyers are less likely to buy.
  7. Season does matter. All things have a season. Sometimes we make more of season than it really is. In most cases the difference between the best and the worse season is less than 20%. Don't forget there is a season...but don't stop your Admail just because of that.

7 things for you to think about as you select your Admail mailing list.

Magic Marketing Minutes article INDEX

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