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When is Admail Best?

Jim Knobs introduced this idea to me. There are at least 8 situations when Admail is most likely to work.

  1. When you can clearly identify your target audience. If you can't clearly identify your audience, Admail is not for you.
  2. Now that you've clearly identified the audience, where can you reach them? Identifying them on paper is one thing. Reaching them with your message is an entirely different and separate effort. You must be able to do both if your Admail is to be successful.
  3. When you have a lot to say. When your service requires a long explanation. Or it's difficult. Or unique. Or different. Or something is special about it. And you need time and space to say it.
  4. When your product has continuity, repeat sales, follow-on sales. When you have the kind of product which can be easily ordered and re-ordered time and time again. Then Admail is for you.
  5. When you need to control the entire selling message or process. When you don't want your independent sales reps doing the job fair...or you at least want to control the message. So, you use Admail to get the leads, to qualify the leads and then let the sales force do their part.
  6. When you want to build a model that can be repeated. In this instance you want to set the standards, and then let your sales reps do the work. So use Admail to shake out the marketplace, to set the sdtandarse and then make it available to your entire sales operation.
  7. When your product or service doesn't really fit other distribution channels, so you sell direct. Which is what the mail-order business is all about. Many items are being sold by mail-order because it's the only economical way to distribute the product.
  8. When you want less visibility in the marketplace. When you don't want the whole world to know what you're doing, Admail is perfect for segmenting your market, and testing.

8 things to know when you think about developing an Admail campaign.

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