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"Two-Gether Marketing" ... Part 2

10 Must- Happen Ideas
to EnJoy Outstanding Success
in Lead Generation

"Two-Gether Marketing" Part I introduced the first 4 points of this collection;

#1). Management Makes a Commitment
#2). Marketing Makes a Commitment
#3). Sales Makes a Commitment
#4). ... and they ALL Work "Two-Gether"!

Let's continue with this list of 10 Must Happen Ideas;

#5). You Must Generate the Right Quantity of Leads

Nobody has too much business. They may have too much business on Tuesday. Or the last week of the month. Or the end of each quarter. Or during a "season".

Yet, no one has too much business.

And, there is no such thing as too many leads. Still, having too many new business leads at the same time can happen.

Twice it happened to me. Once in a consumer situation where we built too much traffic in too short a time. The Grand Opening was saved only because we were able to double the available staff.

The other time was a B-2-B program. The goal was to generate 2000 leads a month. One month we received 9000 leads! Sounds wonderful ... until you realize we were not ready. We could take care of 3000 - maybe 4000. No way we could handle 9000. Big time trouble.

Another reason planning ahead with your sales team is so important to successful lead generation. You need to plan the right quantity of leads. And you need to do it "Two-Gether with your sales team.

#6). You Must Have Suburb Follow-UP of ALL Leads

There is no such thing as a "bad" lead. At least not until you have followed-up, qualified and then classified every lead. How could you possibly know if the lead is "good" or "bad" until you follow-up? In fact, you can not.

Sure, you may have a "gut" feeling. With experience you can "look" at a lead and get a feeling. Yet, until you follow-up you won't know the true opportunity of every lead.

Just as all leads are not created equal, all follow-up does not need to be the same. In fact, it should not be. You may establish 2-3-4 different responses ... one for each quality of lead.

Leads come from people, vs. companies. And just as people have different needs at different times - a lead that doesn't produce for you today may be a high quality lead for you tomorrow. Follow-up every lead.

#7). You Must Design Your Program for Measurable Results

This concept is basic; if you can't measure it you can't improve it.

You must create a system, a method to count each lead. Where does each lead come from? From an advertising campaign, a PR release, a sales promotion effort, from a special event or trade show, a seminar.

And how is it received ... by mail...phone...fax...E-mail... off your web site...at a trade show?

And what happens to each lead from each source? How many convert to sales. And how long does it take.

These questions, and more, need to be answered. So you can improve the program next time.

It is not optional - you must plan to measure.

#8). Leads Must Convert to Sales at a Profit

This is obvious, as well as important; your campaign has a base goal to generate leads that make a profit.

Profit is NOT a 4-letter word. Every company is supposed to earn a profit. That happens most often when your message goes to the right audience, at the right time, with the right offer. And are followed-up and sold.

When this happens in a timely way, leads will convert to sales. At a profit. That is what makes for a successful lead generation program.

That's what happens when Marketing, Management and Sales work "Two-Gether".

#9). The Sales Force Must be Happy with the Program

This is important, as well as obvious.

Why? Because unless your sales team is pleased with the results you'll have a tough time getting your next project through the system. Sales truly rules when it comes to lead generation. Sales has more power than management.

If sales is unhappy, doesn't like, doesn't understand, feels headquarters does not truly understand, they may elect to walk a different direction. Not good when you need a team that works "Two-Gether".

To be successful is more than the right number of quality leads that convert at a profit. It is also a happy sales force.

#10). You Must Meet Management Goals.

Management has objectives. Usually tied to numbers and money. For any lead generation program to win with management, these objectives must be met.

Reason enough to have Management, Marketing and Sales working "Two-Gether" from the beginning. That way everyone knows what is expected. What products/services are to be sold. At what rate. To what audience. Within what time frame.

Lead generation is successful when everyone is on the same page. From the beginning. And it is not a surprise that management goals are met - it is the plan.

That's it. 10 Must Happen Ideas to EnJoy Outstanding Success in Lead Generation. Best Wishes.

Good friend and a true business marketing lead generation expert is Mac McIntosh.

Mac and I are doing seminars together. We'll do one for your company, your association, your organization.

Tell us what your needs are. Mac and I will tailor a day or 2 or more just for you. For details on Mac, see http://www.salesleadexperts.com/.

Or send an e-mail to Mac at Mac@SalesLeadExperts.com.

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