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"Two-Gether Marketing" ... Part I

10 Must- Happen Ideas
to EnJoy Outstanding Success
in Lead Generation

First, let's get the "Two-Gether" spelling out of the way.

"Two-Gether Marketing" is a philosophy. "Two-Gether" says it takes 2 to make anything significant happen. It says you work "Two-Gether" with your customer. That marketing & sales work "Two-Gether".

And "Two-Gether Marketing" - the concept - can be applied to almost any situation. Inside your organization. Or outside. Between departments. And with people.

Okay, definition accomplished. Now what?

Philosophy alone does little ... I should know, I majored in the subject at the University. Philosophy is wonderful to live by - or to teach. Yet, unless you use it, it is nearly worthless.

So, now what? And how does the "Two-Gether Marketing" philosophy apply to lead generation? How do you use it?

Lead Generation for "Two-Gether Marketing" is a list of 10 points. Part I covers the first 4 points; Part II will finish the message with the remaining 6.

Let's get started;

#1). Management Makes a Commitment

Commitment is a significant step for any lead generation program to work. Commitment means we will make this happen. We will make this work.

Commitment signifies more than a direction. It is a focus without straying from the goal. There is an objective at the end of the path. It says, "we are going to accomplish this end."

Frequently I've met Management who wanted to do something. They really do want to do something. Yet, they are not committed. They want to try - they want to put their toe into the water without getting wet. That philosophy does not work if you expect to enjoy a successful lead generation program. You must dive in all the way.

Management must make a full commitment to the lead generation concept, to the process, if they expect anything to happen. Certainly anything good.

A few years ago I was working with a service company in the high-tech industry. I never will forget what the CEO of that organization said to his marketing team;

"I do not know how you're going
to do this - but do it!"

There was a full commitment from Management. Everyone in that room heard. Everyone understood. I know - I was there.

#2). Marketing Makes a Commitment

Half-hearted enthusiasm from Marketing is not a commitment. Even when the "work" is done.

Marketing must also make a full commitment. That may mean they overcome or over look an issue. That may mean when there is disagreement on "how", they give way. Or when the edit is not to their satisfaction, they let it slide.

Marketing has the challenge to not only create a successful program, they must also implement it. Take it to the marketplace. Get current customers to come back again, and to find new. This is difficult enough with commitment - it is nearly impossible without.

The charge to Marketing in every company is to carry the banner, to lead the way, to take the stated mission to the marketplace. Because this is so, the Marketing team is usually enthused to begin. As that is what they do - they beat the drums for their team.

Marketing action must be obvious. If anything, Marketing must over do and simply each lead generation program. The idea is to get the prospective buying audience to raise their hand. To say, "Okay, I'm interested. I want to learn more. Talk to me."

It's truly that simple. And to make it work, Marketing must make a commitment to lead generation.

#3). Sales Makes a Commitment

At age 12 I began to learn the art and craft of selling. So, I've been at it a while.

And I've learned that to get Sales on your side for a lead generation program is the toughest challenge Management or Marketing have. And, it is the most vital. For without Sales, your lead generation program will fail. Period!

Why does Sales resist? Most often it's because they truly do know their marketplace. They know their customers. They visit and communicate with them on a regular schedule. They know what works, and what does not.

And the feeling - frequently - is that Management and Marketing have no idea what really goes on in the marketplace. Thing is - sometimes Sales is very right!

So, how do you overcome this thinking? And get Sales to join the team?

It's not that difficult; you invite them to be a part of the process - from the beginning. Yes, when you begin the planning phase - when you start to think about what you are going to do, and when, and how, and where, you include Sales as part of the action.

Sales must make a commitment for lead generation to achieve. This is not an optional thought - it must happen.

#4). ... and they ALL Work "Two-Gether"!

Well, this is equally obvious.

If Management must make a commitment ... and Marketing must make a commitment ... and Sales must make a commitment - it is obvious they must work "Two-Gether". Or there will be 3 paths to nowhere. Unacceptable.

So, "Two-Gether Marketing", the concept, the philosophy, says the 3 branches must come "Two-Gether" and work "Two-Gether". As a team. They must look at the corporate goals and decide how to get there. As a team.

Sure, this sounds so pedestrian. So "ole fashion". Team work and such. Yet, it is not just a collection of nice words tossed in the air. It is true - even in this 21st Century - it is still people who make things happen.

And your lead generation program will win only when your Management, your Marketing and your Sales do truly work "Two-Gether".

Part II of "Two-Gether" Marketing is the next article in this collection. Watch for it here.

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