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Too Much Business?

Nobody has too much business.

You may have too much business on Tuesday. Or the first week of the month. Or the last week. At the beginning of each quarter. Or the start of the fiscal year. During tax time. Or holiday season.

Yet, no one has too much business!

When you S T O P looking for new business you take a step toward going out of business. Because, no matter how good you're doing now, every company grows with new business. And "dies" without it.

Every corporation needs new customers. Every store needs new shoppers. Every fund raiser needs new donors. Every association needs new members. Gaining new business is not an option ... it is mandatory. You either find it, or your die. Sooner or later you die.

So, what does this have to do with Lead Generation? Well, the purpose of lead generation campaigns is to seek sources of new business. Is to find people who can buy what it is you sell. And get them to "raise their hand". To identify themselves as interested in learning more about what you offer. To be willing to talk to you.

Leads are needed for sales reps at every level, in every dimension. Inside teleSales reps making 60 to 80 outbound calls a day to sell a service. Door-to-door retail reps, introducing a new product line to wholesalers.

High tech reps with technology or pharmaceutical products. Low tech reps with soap and tooth paste. The telephone company with a new custom calling product. The mass merchant automobile dealer with 14 brands in 9 locations.

Everyone selling anything needs leads - new prospects to sell.

No matter what you sell or how you sell it there are 2 prime sources of leads;

1. your current customers,
2. other sources.

Your current customers - even those you consider your best customers - do not buy all they can from you. You may be their number one choice for a particular product line ... believe me, they do not buy everything from you. Your competition IS getting some of their business, too.

Why is this?

Well, for at least 2 reasons; first, some buyers do not like to put all their eggs in a single basket. They may truly believe you are the best available in the marketplace. Still, they are uncomfortable giving you everything.

Why? Because, "what if..." sets in.

What if you move and change locations and are no longer available? What if you stop carrying the particular product line they buy and count on the most? What if the competition really does offer something new, different and possibly better? What if, what if, what if.

These are the "worry" type people. They worry about all the possible problems that might happen if they give you all their business.

The second reason your customers do not buy more from you is very simple; YOU DID NOT ASK!

Oh, you may say you visit them every week. Talk to them daily. Mail literature and brochures on a regular basis. Direct them to your web site. Invite them to your trade show booth. "Party" with them at the company picnic. You are good at staying in touch. And still, you do not get all their business ... because you did not ask.

This happens because buyers do not "hear" what sellers offer when they don't need it. With the dozens - scores - in fact hundreds of messages poured in front of us every day, buyers do not hear, see, listen, pay attention. They, like you, choose what is important at that time. And ignore all else.

What this says is you must repeat your message. You must repeat your message. As repetition will build your reputation when you repeat your message. If there is anything advertising has taught marketing and advertising it is you must repeat your message.

That is, what is the world's most recognized brand? Most say Coca-Cola ... and they are right. You will not live a day without hearing or seeing something about Coke. They are everywhere.

Outdoor posters. Radio. Television. On the web. As an event sponsor. In store promotions. At soda fountains. On bus cards. At special events. In newspapers and magazines. At conventions and trade shows. If there is a marketing weapon Coke has not tried I'd be surprised. They smoother you with "Coke".

Now, most us can't do what Coke does. Yet, we can learn. And what we can learn is to be constantly "top of mind". Be where your buyers are on a regular schedule. "Constantly". Never-ending. Always available, always reachable.

Repetition truly does build reputation. And thus, leads. Yes, leads from our current customers. As they can buy more of what you sell ... if you will but ask.

In addition to chasing our current customers for more business - look elsewhere, too.

Every product and service you offer has a profile, a target audience. A specific marketplace who can buy what you sell - and so far does not. They either buy from another, one of your competitors ... or they don't buy at all. They skip your line altogether.

Still, they are prospects. Because they meet the profile of your best customers. They are in the right geography, if that is important. They are the right age, sex, have the right job title, make the right amount of money, work in the right industry, live in the right neighborhood, have the right family size, go to the right church or mosque or synagogue ... whatever it is, they have it. And they need what you have. Which makes them a prospect for what you sell.

So, what do you do to get them to raise their hand? To talk with you? To listen to your pitch? To take your demonstration? To visit your store? Or tour your trade show stand? To phone you? Or return the faxBack form.? To visit your web site? To respond to your offer?

You do what Coke does - you bombard them with your message! You use the tools that get your message into their mail box, to their eye-balls, into their mind. Again, knowing that repetition builds reputation. Whatever you do, you must do it over and over, again and again.

One shots are sure shot failures. If your plan is to chase your audience once - don't bother. What makes you so sure they'll listen, watch, read, hear, act ... or even care? Don't count on it. Plan to repeat your message.

Yes, it's simple. You have 2 prime sources of new business; Current customers. And everyone else.

Good hunting!

Good friend and a true business marketing lead generation expert is Mac McIntosh.

Mac and I are doing seminars together. We'll do one for your company, your association, your organization.

Tell us what your needs are. Mac and I will tailor a day or 2 or more just for you. For details on Mac, see http://www.salesleadexperts.com/.

Or send an e-mail to Mac at Mac@SalesLeadExperts.com.

You can also fax or e-mail Ray. Details at the bottom of this page.

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