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Business-to-business leads

This Lead Generation series continues -- for as long as there is something to talk about.

Yet, this -- the 6th in the set -- is the last of a group of foundation ideas. A collection of 55 ideas. This ends the beginning part of the series with #48-55.

Idea #48. Make capital of special events. A trade show or exhibition or convention, a grand opening, a company picnic, new product introduction ... make "noise" about these events. Because they are worth something extra. On the consumer side, a new home purchase, an anniversary or birthday, a holiday such as Thanksgiving or Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day each give reason for you to promote. These events offer a golden opportunity for you to do something out of the ordinary, and unique. Take advantage of special occasions.

Idea #49. Announce everything and anything new. A new addition to your product line. A new model of a current product. A new office, a new store, a new person. There is no quicker way to get attention than to have something "new" to say. Your customers want to know ... you want your prospects to know. You can stimulate action with a story about "new".

Idea #50. Keep reminding your prospects and customers about your products, your company -- and you, too. Get involved with your industry trade shows with displays and sales promotion activities. Have a collection of advertising specialties and premiums and use them. Use post cards and simple direct mail pieces to stay in touch -- send E--mail messages when you have something to share. Why do all these things? Because you undoubtedly have competitors who'd like a piece of your customer base. By keeping your name in front of your customers and prime prospects -- they are much less likely to forget you, or to move to someone else. Being active and seen in your marketplace will help you get and keep more than your fare share of the business.

Idea #51. Dig, look, research for new ideas and suggestions. Talk with your customers about what is important to them. Learn what to sell, how to sell it and who to sell it to by talking with your customers. Direct mail, the phone, fax, E--mail and the web each offer you opportunities to communicate directly with those you are now doing business with. Not only are these people your best prospects for new business -- they are your best source about what else they'll buy from you. Ask them -- listen, note and then do.

Idea #52. Keep your customer contact database and mailing list current, accurate, up to date. Business lists change 25-35% each year. Consumer lists 12-22%. If they are not kept up to date, not only will it cost you money, it will make for unhappy customers. Direct mail, phone and fax can be used to update a street mailing address, phone and fax numbers. E--mail for E--mail and URL addresses. There is no set number of times a year to update. Some do it once a month. Some off sales reports each week. Some once a quarter or every 4 to 6 months. A few once a year. You need to decide the frequency, and then do it.

Idea #53. Have a plan for handling sales leads. You need an efficient back--end set of services to be absolutely certain your prospect gets the information they requested. Exactly what they requested -- not less, and not something else. And they get it promptly ... out your door within 24-48 hours, if not sooner. Automatic fax response is expected in some industries, where documentation is important. E--mail files you can print from the screen or download is another fast way to get info about you to your customers and prospects. How you handle fulfillment is not the issue. That you DO handle it is. This part of lead generation is not optional -- it is mandatory to have a tested plan in place. Here are 6 "rules" for handling leads; ... answer every inquiry, no matter how "bad" it may seem ... reply personally, by name, as is reasonable to do ... answer each lead fast -- your prospect expects immediate response ... be the good Boy Scout / Girl Scout -- be friendly ... fulfill your promise -- provide all the information you offered, and do it the first time ... write well -- to be read and to be understood.

Idea #54. You know how hard it is to get a new customer. So, once you get one -- work equally hard to keep them. You keep customers, and grow them too, by having a sincere interest in them. No, not personally. Yes, from a business perspective. Still, show your customers you "love 'em", reach out and touch, be their teddy bear, their security blanket. Let them know you do honestly care. Because your current customers are your very best source for new business, do all you can -- and more! -- to keep your customers happy. And returning to buy from you again and again.

Idea #55. "Like good sex, good advertising gets better with frequency. Research indicates a minimum of 4 times is necessary to get awareness." Peter Warren of Warren--Kremer Advertising is credited with these words. And assuming he's talking about advertising and marketing, what he is saying is you must repeat your message over and over, again and again. Repetition will build your reputation. I call it the Coca--Cola Formula. Just as you will not go a day in your life without seeing or hearing something about Coke -- you should repeat--repeat--repeat your message to your prospect audience. To get more leads. To be more successful with your lead generation program. Frequency works for lead generation, too.

Well, that's it. The collection of 55 Begged, Borrowed, Stolen & even a few Original! Lead Generation IDEAS! Trust some of these thoughts have been and will be useful to you. Next time we'll start another group of ideas -- tell a case history story -- something to be helpful with your lead generation.

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