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Business-to-business leads

So far in this series we've covered 17 Lead Generation Ideas. From a collection of 55. Here are the next 9 in the set.

Idea #18. How much do you know about your customers and prospects?

About your "best" customers, vs. all others?

To find out more than you already know conduct a survey. Mail, fax or e-mail a questionnaire. Or telephone. It's absolutely amazing how much your customers will tell you about themselves. If you will but ask!

Get a profile of your current customers by asking them to tell you what you feel will help you serve them better.

Idea #19. Help your sales team get in the door by offering a premium. Determine how much a lead is worth, how many leads you can expect to close. And then how much a sale is worth.

I.e., how profitable your product/service is. And then give your sales reps a sales tool to help them turn a prospect into a customer. Use premiums - they work.

Idea #20. Offer a "deal" or a bonus to every customer that gives you a referral. Test different offers / bonus ideas, amounts, offers. Many of your customers will gladly recommend you, if you'll but ask them. Many of them for no reward at all - just for the personal "feel-good" they gain by doing a friend or business buddy a good deed.

And frequently referral leads are the very best. With the highest conversation to sales. Establish some sort of a referral program.

Idea #21. A lead is a very perishable item. It is just as likely to go away as a bouquet of flowers, a carton of ice cream.

A lead begins to disintegrate even as it is being mail, faxed, phoned or E-mailed to you. Handle all leads immediately.

And don't skip on fulfillment either. You've spent good money to get the lead in the first place. Spend a little more and fulfill your promise promptly.

Idea #22. Conduct a seminar. Go to your marketplace with a live demonstration of your product or service. And its' use.

Invite those most likely to need (and want!) what you offer. Let them "feel" and "touch" ... some true hands on experiences. Get your marketplace involved. Turn prospects into customers with participation.

Idea #23. Prove to your marketplace you know what you're doing by sharing case history stories. And statistics.

Facts and figures and numbers are believable. Why? Because someone else supplied them - not you. Your customers are telling your prospects good things about you. A research report done by a third party is providing "proof" that what you offer will do the job. Each feature is helping you sell.

Your prospect wants to know these good things - make certain they do.

Idea #24. Offer a special price during your slowest time of the year. If you know in advance which season generally produces less business, schedule something to UP sales. You can pep up your sales with a bonus offer ... 2 for 1 / an extra with every order of 6 / a flat out discount / something with special pricing.

And combine it with a limited time offer, too. Meaning the special runs only until X date. The mix of price and time will get you more consideration leads - turning fence sitters into serious prospects and customers for you.

Idea #25. Offer a FREE booklet. Not only does FREE work ... it is still the worlds most popular word ... booklets work for both consumer and B-2-B lead generation.

The booklet offer will gets you leads now -- it will get you leads for weeks, months and even years to come. People save booklets, long after they've tossed brochures, literature and other sales tools.

So, with your information kit feature a FREE booklet offer, and increase your number of quality leads.

Idea #26. Experiment with different design, layout, formats and copy for your direct mail, your fax marketing, your E-mail messages, your print campaigns.

The idea is to produce a constant flow of leads. Most recognize there is more than one way to get the optimum number, and still be both efficient and effective.

A "standard" letter/fax back/response card direct mail package still works very well to generate leads. Some include a flyer or brochure - many do not. For high-ticket and many B-2-B items 4 color can pay ... frequently full color is not needed for lead generation (although 2 color is almost mandatory!).

Find what combination works for you 'B and then repeat, repeat, repeat your message over and over again and again.

This series will continue. Watch for the next set from the Lead Generation collection.

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