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September 28, 2004 • Volume 4 Issue 21

The Best of OnLine Dating ...
and Other Ways to Hook-Up

A while back I found the topic of OnLine Dating services "interesting".

Particularly since I know nothing about dating. Haven't had one of those boy/girl events since so long ago I can't remember when. Still, my E-mail spam list of 200‑ or so messages daily has included so many "opportunities" I just had to look into what's happening today. This is what I learned.

First, the competition is keen. Without really looking I found 50 sites, including those you may know by name because of their self-promotion; YahooPersonals, AppleMates, AmericansOnlineDating, MatchMaker and eHarmony, for instance.

For reasons I'm unaware of, eHarmony put their President into television commercials that ran during last springs National Basketball Association championship series. That reminds me of an old story from Playboy, the magazine, seeking subscriptions with a special TV offer made during the second half of a Chicago Bears football game - a disasters event (the offer, not sure about the game). Male sports fans are into the action of sports while they're watching television. Anything about ladies is much less important -at the moment.

Dating and match making have been around since about the time of Adam and Eve. Online Dating is much newer. And, it seems, more sophisticated than a blind date ... although there are similarities. I do not know where the idea for a blind date came from ... I do know it has been encouraged with double dating. My adopted sister met her husband that way. She resisted for months - finally gave in to the pressure of a friend ... and B I N G O - love blossomed.

Meetings between male/female have been happening nearly forever. In my lifetime you most often met one of the opposite sex at school, at a concert or other special event, a church or synagogue ... or at a bar. Taverns have probably made more of their match making than was and is real, still, no doubt, they have played a part.

Those offering specialized services come from a wide range. Foreign brides from just about everywhere are being matched; French, German, Filipino, Indian, Korean and more. Including several sites aimed solely at a Spanish speaking audience. The religious community is very active, I counted seven very obvious Christian and Jewish sites

As are services for seniors - defined as 50 years plus, and looking for a mate. To see what could find I picked Love@AOL by Match.com and went looking. What I found was two plus pages of pictures of ladies, all within my age range, each with an intro, and all within 100 miles of my new California address. Being happily married to my bride of 28 years I did NOT follow-up.

Okay, what did I learn online when I opened the E-mail offers? First, the from and subject lines to get my attention were very creative. The run-a-way OnLine Dating leader was RomancePros.com out of Austin, Texas. They, in fact, are the reason for this article. Four months after my move from Arizona their E-mail marketing messages still thought I was there ... which stopped me.

Subject lines such as;

Ray Meet Singles In Roll

Ray Find A Date In Roll

Ray Singles Around Your Roll

Ray Meet REAL Singles in Your Area

The one that gave me the biggest smile was this;

Ray Choose A Date Among Thousands in Roll

You may know for a dozen years I lived and worked out of the agriculture community of Roll in southwest Arizona. Our home was off a dirt road. Our closest neighbor was the crop duster airport. The post office was 4 miles away, one way ... they did not deliver. No daily newspaper, either. Drinking water was brought in. The closest small grocery story was 11 miles ... a full service store 34. The entire 35 square mile valley was sans a stop light. Something under 6500 total people - of all ages.

And these folks are going to find me a date?! So, their subject lines caught my eye.

Well, by calling me by name, they got my attention. When I opened the E-mail I found my name again ... Dear Ray. Followed by an attractive boy/girl picture in a fun pose, and copy that every time included the word 'real'; Meet Someone Real! was the most often phrase the week I opened everything they sent me.

With other inviting dialogue, such as . . .

There's a better way to meet that person of your dreams.

Meet Someone Real! Meet Someone Local! Find The Perfect Match

Ray Find Your Soulmate

The #1 Way To Meet Local Single People

Don't Leave Romance To Chance

Meet serious singles


Say good bye to online dating and hello to a genuine way to meet

REAL PEOPLE in your area

Say Goodbye To Cyberduds & Meet Your True Love!

As you can guess, every E-mail had a call to action. Some as simple as "Click Here", "Click Here Now!", or "Click Here Today!"

Others were stronger;

Click Here to Learn Just How Easy It Is To Get The Relationship You Deserve,

Find The Person Of Your Dreams In Under 30 Seconds - Click Here.

When you "click" on any link you are taken to a sign-in page. If you're under 25 years of age or earn less than $25K a year you are automatically disqualified. They are reaching only for serious folks. RomancePros had the app partially filled-in with my Arizona contact data. It was all correct ... until my spring move made it all wrong.

If you're looking and are not sure about Online, and maybe feel the ole fashion way is best for you, flip through the archives of Forbes.com. In late June they did a series on the best cities for singles, and the worst. The best cars for singles. Those cities with the best and worst nightlife. Those with the most males and females available, and those with the least. Those with the highest and lowest cost of living, the best and worst job growth. And more.

If you're looking, today you have options.


The calendar tells us summer is gone and autumn has arrived. Meaning soon we'll begin planning for the holidays ... and then our new business year.

Anonymous has a thought that applies to each event;

"When trouble arises and things look bad,
there is always one individual who perceives a solution
and is willing to take command.

Very often, that individual is crazy."

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. . . a loose thought

Crazy Fads of the '70's

It's time to think back again. As it is nearly time to look ahead.

www.crazyfads.com is a wonderful site ... here is part of the fad collection from the 1970's.

I wonder if sometime in the future Online dating will be considered a 'fad' from this decade? No matter, EnJoy.

8-Track Tape Player

Developed as a car accessory to give drivers an alternate to listening to radio stations so they could listen to their own song selections. Motorola manufactured the first players, which were installed in Ford automobiles. Many record companies were quick to put many of their artists on the new format, but by the mid 1970's, most record labels had stopped producing music in 8-Track tape format because the quality was not good and they were bulky and inconvenient. Cassette tapes and vinyl records replaced 8-Tracks by the late 1970's.

String Art

Considered to be pop art, this fad was a challenge. You could choose from a variety of unassembled kits ranging from ships to animals. The kits included a board (often covered in black velvet), nails, and enough string that had to be wound around the nails as instructed. They took many hours to complete and could hung on the wall as a conversation piece.


People started the craze of taking off all their clothes and running across the field at major sporting events. A streaker ran across the stage of the Oscars in 1973 while it was being broadcast live on TV. There was even a 1970's song written about streakers called "The Streaker". Streaking was popular for only a couple years and soon faded, probably because people were being arrested for streaking.


Do Your Own Thing!: - Be yourself! Do what you want to do. "I got a few acres out in the country where I can do my own thing".

Laid Back: - Someone relaxed, easygoing. A place that's cool. "I've been to the commune, it's real laid back."

Dig It : - To understand. "Dig it?" To like something. "I really dig the Monkees."

If it feels good ...do it: - Don't be inhibited, explore what life has in store for you


They looked like a top and you could roll the tip across the floor to get just the tip spinning and then set it down and watch it go.

Pet Rocks

More than a million people bought Pet Rocks as Christmas gifts in 1975. Gary Dahl, of Los Gatos, California, had the idea while joking with friends about his easy-to-care-for pet, a rock. This pet ate nothing and didn't bark or chew the furniture. Pet Rocks were sold with a funny manual that included tips on how to handle an excited rock and how to teach it tricks. By 1976, Gary Dahl was a millionaire and Pet Rocks were the nation's favorite pet.


In 1974, the United States was in the midst of a national fuel crisis due to the OPEC oil embargo. Travelers were forced to wait in lines for hours just to get a tank of gas. Most cars to that point were not very fuel-efficient and people looked for a new method of transportation, which could allow them to travel efficiently and reasonably.

The moped, which was half bicycle / half motorcycle had existed for years in Europe but had not made it to the United States, in part because of safety restrictions implemented by the Department of Transportation. In 1972, Serge Seguin of France wrote his Masters thesis on the European moped. After receiving two mopeds and a small amount of money from a company called Motobecane, Seguin traveled throughout the United States promoting the vehicle. After lobbying Congress on its fuel efficiency benefits, Seguin was able to get more than 30 states to devise a specific vehicle classification for the bikes.

The bikes had very small engines and often could not exceed 40 miles per hours. What they could do, however, was run for up to 220 miles on one tank of gas. Because of the problems caused by the aforementioned energy crisis, mopeds caught on like wildfire, with more than 250,000 people in the United States owning one in 1977. Alas, as gas prices eventually moved down and automobile companies devised more efficient cars, the mopeds popularity and usefulness began to fade.

Platform Shoes

If you traveled in Asia, you noticed platforms were everywhere. Here is a story from such a traveler; 'Stopping over in Tokyo for a few hours, I could not resist asking a couple of Japanese women if I could take a picture of their shoes. I also managed to snap a few photos in Indonesia. But, it is a new year, and I wonder how much longer the platform shoe will be in style.

"The flat soled will reign again. I wish I could say that platforms will always be currently available at your favorite shoe store, but fashion is too fast. I'm still lingering on the taste from the 1600s. The prevalence of platforms in Asia has made me rethink the fate of the platform shoe in 1998. So strap on your platforms and teeter through the styles of the 1600s, 1930s, 1970s, and 1990s with me. Maybe the platform shoes' long history will convince you that they, indeed, will always be around."

The video game . . .

... revolution began with Pong in 1972, which spawned Atari (1978) and those little hand-held football games.

Acupuncture . . .

. . . found by President Nixon in 1971 on a trip to Mainland China. He returned home and brought with him a new acceptance of many things Chinese - including approaches to medicine. Its proponents believe that an imbalance in the body's tch'i (energy), the result of illness or injury, can be adjusted by inserting needles into certain strategic acupuncture points. There are over 900 of these points. Many have claimed that acupuncture works when no other type of medical treatment or procedure seems to do the trick. Also has been used to control diet and as an anesthetic.

EST Therapy

When feeling insecure or unhappy with your life, people would have others just verbally abuse and degrade them until you felt worthless. Then they would be rebuilt and reborn as a useful member of society. Basic tenets of EST is (Erhard Seminars Training), a therapy developed by an encyclopedia salesman named Warner Erhard. His first training sessions were held in a small apartment, soon to take place in the conference rooms of expensive hotels.

Glass Eating

Glass was not safe around Tim Rossovich, an all-pro linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles. Rossovich liked to show the public how tough he was by eating beer mugs and light bulbs. As an undergrad at the University of Southern California, Rossovich was infamous for pulling crazy stunts.

But it wasn't until his pro career was underway that his strangest stunt received media coverage. He amazed spectators with his ability to snack on glass without killing himself. Then a sophomore at Harvard University decided to challenge his prowess by munching a light bulb himself. Soon, other students were following suit. But Harvard authorities quickly terminated the budding trend, and the fun was over.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

For well over 25 years, fans have flocked to midnight screenings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The original movie came out in 1973 as a British musical. It was then turned into a motion picture, which was released around the time of the dying our glam rock scene. Then, it was to be screened "only" at midnight, later the decision turned out to be a stroke of genius. Midnight movie going had become popular among young film buffs and turned the movie into an instant cult classic.

Cork Pop Guns

When you would shoot it, the cork would pop out and hit your assailant.

Dashboard Hula Girls

A small hula girl doll that attached to your car dashboard and danced when the car moved.Made popular by California surfers.

The RJm Story

Being a slow learner, many lessons came late in life.

"It IS What's Next!" is a story I tell to association groups, at company meetings, for special events. Anywhere. Everywhere. At any time.

It's an inspirational message. With words about the Business of Your Life and how it affects the Life of Your Business. Want to know more? ... visit itISwhatsNext.

Sure, you can phone me @+1+760-376-1858or send an E-mail to Ray@RayJutkins.com, too.

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