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September 14, 2004 • Volume 4 Issue 13

The Theory of Just 2 Things

There are times even faulty thinking is interesting.

And worthy of a read.

This is one of those times.

There is just no way everything can be reduced to a simple 'true' or 'false', 'yes' or 'no'. Still, I found this thinking interesting ... as our world today truly offers choice. Some think too much. Far too much.

So, let's look at The Theory of Just 2 Things. The tongue in cheek beginning goes like this;

The Two Things about the Two Things

1. People love to play the Two Things game, but rarely agree about what the Two Things are

2. That goes double for anyone who works with computers

As you'll see in what follows, 1. is 100% right-on. Not certain about 2.

Let's continue with a series about Philosophy. Since my major at the University was Philosophy (I learned you can live it or teach it - you can't make a living just thinking about it!)

The Two Things about Philosophy

1. You can't always believe anything you like; sometimes you have to choose between beliefs

2. Philosophy is ultimately based on common sense

And as Mark Twain said, "... the most common thing about common sense is it isn't very common."

The Next Two Things about Philosophy

1. Plato was wrong

2. Wittgenstein was right

Not so sure about Plato ... am very certain Wittgenstein, an early and mid 20th Century philosopher, with an emphasis on the place language has in our culture and how it affects our mind, was not always right. Even he said so about himself.

The Two Things about Studying Philosophy

1. Nobody was right

2. Everything is relative

My philosophy says saying "everything is relative" is a cop-out for thinking. Or making a decision.Plus, it is hard to truly believe nobody was right. Ever.

Let's move on to a few thoughts from our business. This time creativity, including copy and art;

The Two Things about Creativity

1. God is in the details

2. The devil is in the details


The Two Things about Writing

1. Write what you know

2. Be as short and simple as possible

It is difficult to disagree with #1. It is amazing so many make an effort to write and talk about things they know little to nothing about. It's what gives journalism it's lower than low reputation.

If you've read me before, you know I disagree with 2. Short and long is NOT the issue. The issue is the word 'interesting'. If your writing is interesting how long it is does not matter. If it is not, one word may be one too many.

The Next Two Things about Writing

1. Include what's necessary

2. Leave everything else out

Ditto AMEN!

The Two Things about Graphic Design

1. Gestalt Principles of perception

2. Visual Hierarchy

Visual Hierarch has 19,000 pages in Google that address it one way or another. Must be important!

"The primary task of graphic design is to create a strong, consistent visual hierarchy in which important elements are emphasized and content is organized logically and predictably." These are the opening words off the first web site in the list. Sounds boring!From 1890 the ideas of Gestalt have been a foundation of graphic design. They were 'learned' almost exclusively from observations of visual perception ... and raised to the level of 'general principles'. Which has become a dictionary definition of perception.

What I remember most about perception is that it is frequently more 'real' than reality.

The Next Two Things about Graphic Design

1. Elements of Design; line, shape, texture, value & color, space

2. Principles of Design; movement, balance, emphasis, unity.

Ah so. And why not both?!

Now it's on to the disciplines of marketing, advertising and public relations;

The Two Things about Marketing

1. Know existing customers

2. Recruit more customers

The Two Other Things about Marketing

1. Find out who is buying your product

2. Find more buyers like them

The Next Two Things about Marketing

1. Identify who you are trying to reach - your target audience

2. Don't just reach them ... grab them by the balls (it's called market penetration with a compelling message)

These three variations of Two Things each say the same thing. And they are each very right!

The Next Two Other Things about Marketing

1. Say it clearly

2. Say it often

Repetition builds your reputation. That's what makes marketing work.

The Two Things about Advertising

1. Get people's attention

2. Overwhelm them with charm ... or outrageousness. Color. Design. Boldness. Be different. Controversial. Unique. Unusual. Out of the mainstream. Not what is expected.

The Two Things about Public Relations

1. There's no such thing as bad press

2. But you can always make it better

There IS bad press ... that's when 2. goes to work.

The Next Two Things about Public Relations

1. Perception is reality

2. Perception is rarely reality

By definition perception is the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses. A way of understanding and thus interpreting. It is intuitive insight. If this is so, then The Next Two Things about Public Relations is absolutely true. Both parts!

My second major in school was History, so let's end this session with a tad from Two Things on History.

The Two Things about History

1. Everything has antecedents

2. Sources lie, but they're all we have

Again, ditto to both. There is nothing purely original. "Never" has been, never will be.

And without a doubt not all history is truth. "Stories" have expanded to suit the situation, the people involved and of course, the story teller.

The Two Things about Teaching History

1. A good story is all that will be remembered - not the analysis on either side

2. Students think it's about answers ... it's not; it's really about questions

When all teachers remember 1, students will understand 2.

When you'd like to know much more about the Two Things story "click" http://www.csun.edu/~dgw61315/thetwothings.html for the full story.

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The feature story is about two things.

So is this from Anonymous

"A smile is contagious; be a carrier."

The RJm Story

"How To REALLY Do Marketing Right!" is a sub-title I've used in my writings for a decade and a half. Or more.

It came about because many of the 'how to ...' papers didn't do a very good job in talking direct marking as a discipline. A complete discipline.

Are you seeking a different answer? Maybe an outrageous thought? Something truly not within your current marketing and sales circle?

Maybe I can help. By bringing to you and your organization a point of view undoubtedly different than yours. To help you see through the maze...the maze that is your every day business.

Interested? Send an E-mail to Ray@RayJutkins.com or phone+1+760-376-1858.

Thank you.

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